Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rain Stick Craft

Spring has sprung already in the Pacific Northwest! And Little Scribblers Art Club has sent out the first round of spring crafts. This project really suits all ages, but what's amazing about this craft is that Little Scribblers (ones, twos, threes, and special needs) are totally capable of participating in most of the process with a great end product!

~Little Scribblers Art Club~


  • Craft tube* or paper towel tube
  • Washable finger paints
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • Washable white glue
  • 2 fabric squares (5" x 5" recommended)
  • 2 rubber bands
  • aluminum foil
  • rice (or other filling)

1) The first part is best done together. Hold the tube while your Little Scribbler paints it using fingers or a paint brush.
---We recommend paint because the rounded surface is difficult for Little Scribblers to color when using crayons or colored pencils. For the really adventurous out there, paint the tube with glue and add decorations (papers being best as other smaller options become choking hazards).---
~Little Scribblers Art Club~
2) Allow the paint to dry.
3) Now you're going to hold one end of the tube while your Little Scribbler squeezes glue around the other end of the tube. Cover 1-2” of the end of the tube (all around it) by turning the tube while your Little Scribbler simply squeezes glue out.
---This is great squeezing practice for your child, especially since the glue does not need to be beautiful nor does it have to go in a very specific, small place.---
4) Place one fabric square on the end of the tube so that it covers the opening and then press it into the glue.
5) Wrap the rubber band around the end twice and allow to dry.
---Little Scribblers Art Club only uses latex-free rubber bands so you don't have to worry about allergens.---
6) While the glue is drying, get ready to fill the tube: pull out a piece of aluminum foil about 3-4 times the size of your tube. Crumple it into a long snake-like piece and then fold it in half. 
~Little Scribblers Art Club~
7) Twist the two parts into a double-helix shape, like a DNA strand.
---In the past I've just twisted them around with my fingers, but using a dowel (or in this case a fairy wand I found on the floor) to twist the aluminum foil around really helps to get the initial shape. These twists are what stop the rice from just falling from one end to the other. The more bumping along the rice does on its way down, the better sound you'll get. This is the reason for the double-helix and not just a crumpled mess or a single twirled piece.---
~Little Scribblers Art Club~

~Little Scribblers Art Club~

~Little Scribblers Art Club~
8) Place the aluminum foil into the tube. Invite your Little Scribbler to dump in about a Tablespoon of rice or other filler (and know ahead of time that you are probably inviting a mess, too :) ). 
9) Now it's time to repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 in order to seal the tube. 
10) Allow to dry before inviting your Little Scribbler to create the sound of rain by rocking the Rain Stick back and forth.
~Little Scribblers Art Club~
*One caution about craft tubes: we buy brand new cardboard craft tubes for Little Scribblers Art Club because toilet paper tubes can be contaminated with fecal matter. Please use our craft tubes or a paper towel tube to keep your Little Scribbler safe!

Did you experiment with a different filler? Tell us about it in the comments!

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