Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Background Color and Stickers = Art Scenes

One of my first art "projects" with my then-15-month-old was inspired by a sheet of fish stickers my mom happened to pick up for us from the local dollar store. I knew my little one could manage the stickers because we already had a sticker collection started, but I had only recently picked up a set of washable crayons and thick colored pencils with which to experiment (see my recommendations for crayons and pencils here). 

I know this is a new parent thing, but it amazed me that I could put the crayons and colored pencils into her hand and she would start scribbling almost innately...or at least not long after exploring them with her mouth. At this point her attention only lasted about five minutes tops (and sometimes as little as five seconds!!). But scribble she did; lightly in the early days and very minimally.

Since her scribbling was so minimal at first, it took us more than a month of tiny little art "sessions" to fill a paper to the extent you see here. Since I wanted the final product to be an aquarium, I picked out all the blue hues of crayons and the blue colored pencil for her to use while scribbling, making it a more guided art experience than others. Eventually, she added the stickers over her "water" background. My addition was just to draw bubbles and add the electrical tape that I thought would give it a good 10-gallon tank look.

So there it is: mostly done by a one-year-old. A child who scribbles can do art! And no, it doesn't all have to look like something we adults recognize, but it's pretty cool that it can! This became one of my big inspirations for starting Little Scribblers Art Club in the first place. And this one piece inspired me to do other scenes focusing on other colors...

  • the ocean (many variations)
  • dirt/mud/soil
  • a leafy garden
  • a pumpkin patch
  • the beach
  • the night sky
  • a grassy field

Some color, some stickers or stamps, maybe a little embellishment by an adult, and you're set! Have you stumbled upon an Art Scene of your own while doing art with your Little Scribbler? What did you create together?

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